For Dyslexic Professionals


At The Dyslexic Evolution, we are about helping dyslexic people become elite professionals in their careers, while also helping organisations to benefit from the many different skills dyslexic people can provide. 

Benefits dyslexic people have

  • Highly innovative

  • Strong creative drive

  • Persistent and incredibly conscientious

  • Grasping new concepts is usually quick and simple

  • Can spot patterns, connections and similarities that others miss

  • Excellent problem solvers

  • Thinking outside of the box tends to come more naturally

As part of helping dyslexic professionals excel in their career, we know the importance of matching the right candidate with the right organisation.

That's why we only work with organisations who fit a certain criteria and are open to providing a dyslexic/neurodiverse friendly environment.

We look at areas like:

  • What career progression is available?

  • Do management have an understanding of how to best support a dyslexic employee?

  • Do staff have an understanding of dyslexia/neurodiversity?

  • Are there networking opportunities?

  • Further study options available. 

  • Are programs/technology provided to help in certain areas that require improvement?

  • Access to a dyslexic career coach.

  • Are there quiet areas/pods available to help minimize noise and distractions?

  • Does the company have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

This shows our candidates all the great opportunities there are for them and the companies supporting them.

If you are an organisation who wants to benefit from the skills dyslexic professionals can bring or you are a dyslexic professional looking to further your career, please contact us to find out more.