With 1 in 5 people being dyslexic, workplaces have a high ratio of dyslexic employees. They often don’t disclose that they are dyslexic or are unaware that they have dyslexia.

Just like school, most workplaces have only been designed to accommodate for non-dyslexic people, which can then make it difficult for dyslexic employees to work to their potential and excel in their careers.

Areas we provide online video training and coaching

  • How dyslexics and neurotypical people think

  • Technology and strategies

  • Building a professional brand

  • Building a professional network

  • Preparing a CV

  • Job interviews

  • Organisation skills

  • Giving presentations

  • Creative problem solving

  • Leadership training

Dyslexic people have many unique skills

Great at problem solving.

Amazing at understanding the big picture.

Great with 3D creative visual thinking.

The potential for great empathy and teamwork skills.

Great with strategy.

Tend to have a good idea of what the future will look like.

Even with all these amazing skills, some dyslexic professionals are still struggling to excel. They find it hard to stand out in environments where it’s not dyslexia-friendly or apply for higher positions out of fear of failure.

At, we are all about helping dyslexic professionals gain the courage to achieve greatness in their careers and become outstanding leaders in life.

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