An entrepreneurial environment is often the best environment for dyslexic people as they can build a business based on their strengths and weaknesses. Due to this, dyslexic entrepreneurs can often reach great success and recognition.

With this being said, being a dyslexic entrepreneur can still have its challenges. To be able to succeed, you still have to step outside of your comfort zone to be recognized and respected as a business person.

Areas we provide online video training and coaching

  • How dyslexics and neurotypical people think

  • Technology and strategies

  • Building a professional brand

  • Building a professional network

  • Preparing a CV

  • Job interviews

  • Organisation skills

  • Giving presentations

  • Creative problem solving

  • Leadership training

  • Making a business plan

  • Running a business

A big part of success is working to your strengths, but understanding your weaknesses can be just as important.

Having an understanding of these areas and having the right tools and guidance is vital when building a business and leading teams.

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