The Opportunities for Dyslexic New School Leavers

It’s interesting when I think back to when I finished school all those years ago and it amazes me how far I have succeeded in my career compared to others I went to school with.

At the time when I finished, I had received the lowest mark in my whole grade and I remember it being the talk of the school. Finishing with such a low grade and knowing I was dyslexic I felt really alone and uncertain as to what my future held for me.

I remembered that a big thing said in school is that you have to get good marks and go to university or you will never achieve anything in life and because I failed school I thought that my life was heading nowhere.

For years I was depressed about being dyslexic and believed that I would never achieve anything, so for a long time I turned to alcohol and drugs and my life was spiraling out of control.

After years of substance abuse and living a party lifestyle I decided to take control of my career and life and reach goals which I never thought was imaginable.

I was then starting to win awards for being outstanding in many of my jobs and I started moving in a direction that I never thought would ever be imaginable because I failed school and I was dyslexic.

But what I realized is that my dyslexia wasn’t holding me back at all, it was actually the skills I had developed because I was dyslexic that helped me to succeed. So this was things like problem-solving, creative thinking and finding easier ways to complete tasks. Which ultimately gave me the upper hand when it came to many workplace situations.

A lot of things that I realized is that once we finish school it's not about the final marks you got at all, it’s more about who you are as a person and your attitude towards everything.

Some of the big things I found really helped was being around the right people who will motivate you and encourage you to always do better. I found networking and knowing how to be a leader in certain situations helped and most of all setting career goals and finding ways to work towards them.

Having the right people around me to help me with my dyslexia has definitely helped me, but has also been a struggle as many workplaces still don’t understand dyslexia and what can be done to make our jobs easier.

That’s why I have started a company called Evolution In Leadership which has been designed to work with dyslexic new school leavers, dyslexic millennial entrepreneurs and dyslexic university students to help them understand that being dyslexic is an advantage in the workplace and provide our clients with the correct advice for them to get into their dream career sooner.

We are an Australian based company, but with our new online consulting platform being released we are looking forward to helping dyslexics all over the world.

What I have realized over time is that all the great things I have achieved in my career as of late could have been easily achieved sooner had I taken a lot of the correct steps earlier and I knew of a company that could have helped me to achieve this.

If you’re dyslexic and have just finished school, but didn’t get the marks you had hoped for, please contact us to find out how we can help.

Written by: Will Wheeler


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