The Benefits of Staff with Dyslexia in the Workplace

Having worked in workplace training for the past 10 years and making my way up the ladder in the corporate world, I am finding more than ever that successful companies are spending more time on professional development and improving the quality of their staff and workplace. With this being said, I am still finding that employees with certain learning disabilities are finding it hard to progress or ask for help, as they are afraid of being open about their disability.

After doing research and asking questions on Reddit and Quora, I was interested to see how many people are afraid to speak up about their disabilities as they are worried that it might cause them to lose their jobs or to be held back from promotions or even encounter bullying in their workplace.

Having dyslexia myself and having an understanding of how difficult certain tasks can be, I can relate to why so many people are afraid to speak up about their disabilities and ask for help.

Being someone who is very open with the fact that I have dyslexia, I have been very open with my past employers about my difficulties.

Yet still, I found that there was no assistance or help to make my role any easier.

This would then play on my mental health such as creating stress, anxiety, depression, a dip in self-confidence and motivation to want to do a good job.

It made me think that management and leaders in our workplace might not know how exactly to help people with these types of problems. Often people with learning difficulties don't know how to find help to improve their career and leadership opportunities.

From my own experience and from research, I have found that people with learning difficulties can contribute so positively to a workplace. 

People with learning disabilities can sometimes take a little bit longer to work out how to do certain tasks. But once they get it down-pat, they improve the task and find easier and more effective ways to complete it.

This is because people with learning difficulties have always had to be fantastic problem-solvers, as their whole life has been about solving problems to get ahead.

This is where workplaces can benefit from staff with learning difficulties, as they are able to come up with more effective methods of completing tasks and being able to get more done in the process which would ultimately save a business on time.

For workplaces to be more effective, it's important to think about what systems are currently in place and how the workplace leaders can accommodate people with learning difficulties and make it easier to learn certain tasks quicker, without singling people out and making them feel isolated.

For more information on how organisations can create a workplace that can help staff with learning difficulties or if you are someone who struggles with learning difficulties and are finding it hard to get into a leadership position please feel free to contact us by clicking the contact button bellow.

Please watch this Apple ad that Steve Jobs created which explains exactly why people with learning disabilities are beneficial in the workplace.


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