Leaders Adapting to Different Learning Styles


I was talking to someone the other day about how many of my teachers at school didn’t understand the way I would learn and seemed to have an issue with me because of it.

Since finishing school and making a success of my career, it was interesting to see the similarities between school and the workplace in regards to many people not having an understanding of different learning styles.

Being someone who is proud to be dyslexic, I would always ensure that I would tell my Managers about my struggles, as I thought it might help them to understand some of the problems I faced. However, this generally wasn’t the case!


Over my career, it has been eye-opening to experience the lack of understanding that a number of leaders have had in regards to their staff. They seemed to not understand how to adapt to different learning styles and would expect everyone else to adapt to them instead.

What people don’t tend to understand about good leadership, is that it’s about a number of different things; like attitude, vision and supporting people to help them achieve extraordinary things.

By having an understanding of how different people learn and grow, you are creating an environment that is going to make it easier for everyone.

Understanding different learning styles will:

* Enable staff to learn at a quicker pace.

* Help a leader know the most effective way to share information.

* Save time and allow time to be allocated to areas that are in need.

* Help the people you lead to grow and help them with career progression.

* Boost morale within your organisation.

* Create natural respect for you as a leader and enable you to be a role model for other up and coming leaders.


When company leaders can understand the importance of being able to adapt to the people they lead, they will find they will achieve so many great things.

Just recently I was lucky enough to be chosen to speak at the 2018 DisruptHR Brisbane event, where I spoke about Leaders Adapting To Different Learning Styles. During my presentation, I spoke about the struggles some people face and how we can help support these people.

Please feel free to check out my presentation below. For anyone interested in talking to me about how I can help you be the next best leader, please feel free to contact me below.


Written by: Will Wheeler

Director thedyslexicevolution.com


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